Career Change – 5 Reasons to Do it

You may have been thinking about a career change for a while but the idea scares you so much that you don’t even want to accept it, not to mention talking it over with your significant other or raising the subject in front of your friends. You are successful or have had some degree of success and every time the thought comes to your mind, you try to dissipate it thinking “no I can’t do that. It wouldn’t be a smart move”. You move to something else but eventually the thought comes back.

Career Change - a good thing

Think of the freedom a career change can offer you!

If you have really been thinking about a career change there are some questions that you may be asking yourself.  Why? How will I do it? Where do I start? Who would hire me? How am I going to make a living if this was supposed to be just a hobby? How do I update my resume?

The choices we make in life are determined by our likes and dislikes as well as by the circumstances that we face at the time. We may have wonderful opportunities; however, circumstances determine the actions we take towards those opportunities.  You may have come to realize that, today, you would have chosen a different career path and you want to take that new path.

Man using scissors to remove the word can't to read I can do it concept for self belief, positive attitude and motivation

Career Change – Yes You Can!

There are 5 main reasons why you should overcome your fears and go ahead with that career change if that is what you really want.

  1. Your circumstances have changed. When you chose your present career, you may have been pressured to get a job, pay the bills, raise the kids, pay a loan, pay your mortgage, move to another city and so forth; but now the kids have grown, bills are getting paid, the house can be sold and this is the time to do be true to yourself and pursue that art project, altruistic pursuit, new business or whatever it is that you have in mind.
  2. If you succeeded in a field where you were not 100% committed can you imagine what you could do if you were 100% committed? You love this new venture, your heart is into it, you have the drive and the passion. No one can stop you.
  3. Experience, Experience. When you change careers, you are bringing to the table a set of skills that will work in your favor and will work to your benefit. No matter how different your background is from what you are moving into, the experience and skills are transferable and will help you. You didn’t have those skills and experience when you started. My recommendation: sit down write down all the skills and experience you’ve acquire in your present career /position and see how those skills and experiences can be useful in your next career path. You will be surprised at what you find! This is probably the best piece of advice I can give you
  4. You may ask yourself: Who is going to hire me? Am I going to look like a failure? On the contrary, present your career change as what it is, another achievement, another success in your life. If you are going to an interview, be honest with the interviewer and explain how passionate you are about this new career and why you are doing it, and how you are pursuing a dream. This enthusiasm is contagious and people can feel how genuine you are. Don’t be afraid to let the interviewer know that you have been thinking about it for a long time, and have finally decided to go ahead with it.
  5. Don’t be afraid to go back to school. Don’t fall into the “I am too old” trap. No! Go back to school, prepare yourself and get all the credentials you need to achieve your goal. This will make your career change a lot smoother, it will give you more credibility, it will give you more confidence, and believe me people can feel it.

Remember you owe it to yourself to be happy




Starting Your Own Business On a Budget

Starting Your Own Business On a Budget

Is it your dream to own your own business, be your own boss, no set schedules, or commuting? On top of that there is the dream of earning a comfortable income. When I talk about starting your own business on a budget, I am talking about starting a company where there is one Employee, The Owner, Manager, Marketing Director, Bookkeeper, Sales associate, Front Desk person, and Janitor – all at once. It is not easy but it can be done. Many people have done it; but many more have failed in the attempt.

How to save money when opening your own business

Big Business On A Small Budget!

Once the self-employed entrepreneur starts doing his/ her due diligence, getting quotes and shopping around is when the part of “on a budget” doesn’t seem to work so easily. The costs of buying furniture, paying rent and having employees is too much when “on a budget”; this is the reason why many people are opting for Teleworking. However, when meeting clients in person, working from home is not the best option and everyday more and more entrepreneurs choose to have business meetings at business centres where they can rent a professional office by the hour. This solves part of the problem, meeting with clients at a business centre gives a professional image, is comfortable and the new entrepreneur is able to enjoy all the benefits that the business centre provides as far as technology and office equipment is concerned. However, the problem of the daily operations and a permanent professional image remains unsolved.

Entrepreneurs understand that there is a need to present themselves professionally on a permanent basis. This is the time when they realize that a business address, virtual office, professional mailing address or what we used to call a mail box can help them set up their company on a budget. Mail boxes do not fulfill this need anymore; couriers do not deliver packages to mailboxes and if they do, it is left out in the open which is not very secure. Also it is not very professional to ask a client to go to a post office to drop a cheque or document. A business address or virtual office at a business centre provides a permanent professional image and reception services (even though limited). Once the new entrepreneur has these two areas covered, the business has a front image and everything else can be worked backstage.

On a budget, that is exactly what a business address or virtual office provides. An address that can be used in business cards, brochures, website, yellow pages, facebook, yelp, anywhere anytime for a fraction of the cost. Everyday more and more business centres like White Rock Office Services are offering this service and more entrepreneurs are using it. No one will ever know that you, the new entrepreneur, is running a small operation from home. Professional image at a low cost. Many business centres complement the virtual office or business address with hourly office rental. This is the perfect package for a new entrepreneur. The professional image is consistent. A professional environment at a fraction of the price.


Day Hubs…’The Next Big Thing……….

Day Hubs…’The Next Big Thing’ On The Horizon For Brand-Expanding BCs & Other Serviced Workspaces

Ray Lindenberg

Chief Innovation Officer at Winning Workspaces Hospitality Group

To further ‘E-X-P-A-N-D Your Brand To Meet Today’s Demand’…increase your appeal, market and revenue streams…and keep pace with the ever-evolving Age Of Aquarius of the Modern Workspacism Movement, there’s a new kid on the block to give some thought to. They’re called ‘Day Hubs’.

The list of offerings and wrinkles is spiking. Every day, something new seems to be popping up on the workplace/work-way menu. We’ve seen the Open Plan Touchdown Spacing demand splitting into two distinct markets…COworking and PROworking. We’ve seen fresh work categories sprout up such as Co-Op Room Shares, Cul De Sac Offices, and Duplex Offices. There are Work Pods; Apartment BCs; Use-My-Office-At-Home offerings; and Suburban Work-Hub BCs.

The Touchdown Space category has seen the greatest diversification with Hot-desks turning up in Malls, Service Stations, Highway Rest Stops, Hospital/Clinic Waiting Rooms, Day Care Centers…practically anywhere people congregate and wait…not to mention Coffee Shops and Libraries. For business travelers there’s an explosion of Airport and Hotel Business Lounges, plus Micro BCs at train and bus terminals to choose from.

The Modern Workspacism Movement has brought us the mega-trending one-two punch of Agile, Mobile and Distributed Working – plus the aforementioned Open Plan Working. People are signing up for Virtual Offices, Day Offices and Hourly Touchdown Spaces & Meeting Rooms in record numbers.

The Day Hub is a cross between an Open Plan Day Office, and a Conference Center offering, which itself is about to blast-off, coinciding with the increasing need for organizations that went to Agile, Mobile, Flexible, Teleworking and Distributed Working models, and thus will shrink or eliminate their Headquarters/Centrally Commuted Office (CCO) R/E footprints…but still have a pressing need to at least occasionally meet as a team at a space large enough that’s ready-made for them to arrive and get down to business for a day, week, or possibly longer.

Many organizations are or will be finding that even though they happily slashed their space needs and related major expenses, they still need to have their teams live-meet periodically. Even some of the most ardent Work-Life Balance favoring employees are beginning to feel left out, and perhaps overlooked or passed over for promotions when they’re spending too much time away from their bosses and teams. Results-Oriented Teleworking is great, but it works even better when it’s not exclusively ‘Remote Working’ – and colleagues can collaborate in each other’s presence, to brainstorm and bond with greater efficacy.

Much of human communication is non-verbal. Enhanced tele and video-conferencing capabilities will only get you so far. Spontaneous, free-flowing and serendipitous, in-person collaborations are priceless. New and existing relationships can be reinforced more effectively when productive interruptions are encouraged.

Day Hubs are a variation of Conference Centering – when what the work team needs to do is more than just meet. A Day Hub is a large team room that can be temporarily used as a COworking or PROworking Space – offering Plug-N-Go ready tables/work stations, and with the room designed to be instantly turn into a Meeting Space of need be. It’s designed to seamlessly bring a team back together side-by-side to recreate the synergy – that organizations which reduce or eliminate CCOs can turn to for a cost-effective way to satisfy its newfound collaborative working needs.

To monetize this growing demand and get into the Conference Room/Day Hub hybrid market, Serviced Workspace Operators may need to add larger team room designs into their mix of offerings, and for maximum efficiency/ROI, should consider sliding walls to accommodate different sized Team Room requests.

Day Hubs…what’ll they think of next?