Virtual offices are becoming popular because of the pandemic. Many workers are now working from home, where they find ways to keep their home activities separate from their work duties. This can include mail and correspondence. 

If you are a freelancer or an entrepreneur, you know all too well the importance of separating work and pleasure. One of the best ways to do this is with a virtual office. Let’s discuss how a virtual office benefits you and keeps things separate.

1. Keep a Record of Incoming Mail

A virtual office agreement gives you plenty of business office amenities. One is mail service. One of the activities with mail service is scanning and forwarding your incoming mail. The receptionist or a designated building associate receives your mail and scans it to the email of your choice.

They will also collect and hold mail for your pick up, or some virtual offices will forward hard copies of mail to you. This is an excellent way to run your business and keep mail from arriving at your home. Receive mail of all types, and what does not fit in your mailbox will be stored for safekeeping.

2. Travel and Keep Business Going

The mail service offered by virtual offices is a great convenience if you need to take a trip away from the business for a few days. You will still get your mail, which will be secured for safekeeping once you return. You won’t have to put up out-of-office notices to your clients. They can still communicate with your company as if you were still in town. 

Keep your virtual office for as long as you need it. Virtual offices do not require contracts. You can sign up on a monthly schedule with easy cancellation with only a one-month notice. So if you need to go out of town, a virtual office is a perfect solution to keep your incoming mail organized. 

3. Received Packages and Products

Mail service includes package service. A virtual office agreement allows you to receive packages for your business safely and securely. Business centers that offer virtual offices will store packages as they come and notify you when they’ve arrived. This lets you focus on your business, or if you travel to clients, you don’t have to be tied to the office, so you don’t miss a package. 

Not only will your packages be received with care, but so will visitors and clients who visit the business center. If you are unavailable, the receptionist will greet them, take notes and messages, and forward them to you.

4. Document Shredding

Another great benefit of virtual offices is document shredding. After sorting your mail, give the receptionist your junk mail or other business documents you want to destroy. As a part of the mail service of a virtual office agreement, document shredding is convenient and secure. 

5. Professional Mailing Address

Virtual offices give you a physical address to use as your official business address. Update your business registration, websites, and business cards, and start receiving mail and correspondence to the business center. List your business on Google using the business address.

The professional mailing address is the most significant benefit of a virtual office. Virtual offices allow you to set up business in markets you are not in. Receive mail and clients at the business center hosting your virtual office. 

You can have three names added to your virtual mailing address. This works great if you have sales employees who receive mail on behalf of the business. 

Get a Virtual Office in Surrey!

Surrey is a great place to set up your next virtual office. Virtual offices come with additional benefits such as an office for rent by the hours, business office supplies, internet access, and secure access to the facility.

Contact us to get started if you need a virtual office in Surrey. We offer mail service with our virtual office agreements. Don’t let your home mailbox become overwhelmed. Let us collect your mail for you.