One day someone may ask you if your resume is updated. If you haven’t already updated your resume, you make ask yourself “why should I update my resume?”

Here are 5 reasons why you should always have your resume udpated:

#1. Be One Step Ahead

Sometimes we might get too comfortable in a job, feeling secure thinking that the organization we work for is going to be in business forever.  However, with today’s global economy and new trends; companies, that 10 years ago we thought would to stay with us forever, go out of business, restructure or merge with other companies.   Therefore, once any of these major changes happen, no one is secure. Sometime, in between all these mergers and restructures, someone may ask to see your resume. There might be a better opportunity for you! It is a great idea to have your resume up to date. Thus, having your resume ready will put you one step ahead of the other candidates.

Updated resume gives you an advantage over your peers

An up to date Resume gives you an advantage over your peers

On the other hand, if the organization goes out of business an updated resume can determine your immediate future.

#2. Know Where You Are Heading

Woman walking towards her goal For the most part, we become comfortable with our job, forgetting our real long term objectives. An up to date resume or CV helps you refocus on the skills and find any gaps you may have. Reviewing your resume and updating it frequently, including training or new responsibilities, helps to make a clear assessment of any lacks and helps to determine what path you should follow. Consequently, you can decide to upgrade your skills by taking a course or registering for training.

As a rule, an updated resume will help you assess what path your professional career is taking.

#3. You’re Promotion Ready

The easiest way to move forward in your career is by getting a Got a promotion promotion. Your boss or bosses already know you, your work style and could be interested and willing to keep you working for them.  They invested time, and sometimes money, training you. Maybe an unexpected opening is available and your name was mentioned as a possible candidate. Having your resume updated and ready to go, will only confirm that you are ready to step up to the new challenge.

#4. Having the BEST Resume

Best Resume

Updating your resume when you are not under the pressure of finding a job or meeting a deadline will definitively produce a better job. You will have time to read it, re-read it, correct it, change the wording, look for action verbs, proofread it, maybe have someone else read it and make sure there are no spelling or grammar mistakes. You will ensure the final product is the best and the recruiters will perceive it.

#5. Expanding Your Horizons

Finally, if you are happy with your current job but would like to volunteer, find part-time work or nominate yourself for a position, you will need an updated resume. Maybe you would like to register or apply to get another license or certificate? Under any of these circumstances, you will need an updated resume.

Road to the horizon

In conclusion, keeping your resume updated will ensure that any opportunity that comes your way, finds you prepared and ready for the next challenge.

Credit to Pexels pictures.