Document shredding is such an important practice that it should be done by businesses as well as by individuals because individuals are susceptible to the same threats as large organizations.

Why do Individuals need document shredding?

#1 To prevent Identity Theft.

Printed documents such as tax forms, bank statements and credit card forms may contain personal information that can be used by thieves to commit crimes and/or fraud by assuming your identity. Once they have your information and assume your identity, they can open bank accounts, lines of credit, write bad checks, charge your credit cards, change mailing addresses and change passwords just to give you some examples of what people that have their identity stolen have had to deal with.

#2. Organize your Clutter

Going through your old documents, selecting what you need to keep and what you don’t need anymore will help you keep organize and on track of your personal affairs. Keeping documents around that you don’t need or, even worse, several printouts of the same document lead to confusion and can make any task such as deciding what you are going to need to give your accountant for this year’s taxes a difficult task.

#3. Prevent fires

Papers are flammable and can be a fire hazard around the house.

#4. Save space

Piles of documents and papers can take a lot of space even if they are kept organized.

#5. Save Time

Looking through our old papers trying to find a specific document or information can be a time-consuming task. It could be frustrating not to easily find what you are looking for.  In addition, it could also be a waste of time. A task that was supposed to take 5 minutes can end up being an hour ordeal, not to mention that we can get distracted by documents found in the old pile that don’t have anything to do with our original search.

Bonus Reason to shred your documents!!!

It is good for the environment. Paper gets recycled into new products.