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White Rock Office Services Virtual AssistantFor over 25 years, White Rock Office Services Ltd has provided professional administrative office support and services. When the name Virtual Assistant didn’t exist and the concept of a VA was not popular, we were already providing the services of a VA. We started in a small office providing word processing and data entry services as well as bulk mailing and doing transcriptions

We started locally but for the last ten years, with the help of the Internet, we have gone global. Most of our work is done online. We have clients in Australia, South America, USA, Europe and all over Canada. Many of our clients send us the work by fax or e-mail, we do the word processing or data entry, then send it back by fax or e-mail. Not only does this save them time and money but they can also take advantage of the time difference. A client may finish writing a document and go to sleep while we type it. The next day when he wakes up the document will be waiting for him in his inbox. Please refer to our Testimonials page; this will give you a great insight into our company. We are a team of VAs so we can provide expertise or professional support in most areas without outsourcing.

Our client’s work is treated with utmost confidentiality. Files are securely backed up.