Should You Fix the Employment Gap on Your Resume?

The employment gap is no longer a big problem but isn't very comforting. Generally, it would happen if the recruiter saw it. The employment gap is rarely scary. Some people are just as likely to have employment gaps in some way. This means there's not much of an...

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5 Tips for an Impressive Interview

Most people are a ball of nerves when they sit for an interview. Hiring managers know this and are trained to make the interview process comfortable for you. Not all do this well, but there are ways that you can increase your comfort level in an interview. Here's how....

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Why is it Important to Include LinkedIn on Your Resume?

Social media has been king for the last two decades. It's no surprise how employers now use social media to find new candidates. LinkedIn is one that employers use. So why is it important to include Linkedin on your resume? The answer is simple: it gives employers a...

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Are Cover Letters Still Necessary?

Why You Need a Cover Letter for Your Resume The cover letter has been around for decades, and for many job seekers, it is an often omitted but valuable way to get employers to notice you. You may wonder if you still need a cover letter in a world where you can get...

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Job Seekers – 8 Holiday Gift Ideas

Job Seekers are difficult to buy presents for; at least that is what most people think when the holidays start to approach. We start thinking about what to give to those special people in our lives. Sometimes, we easily decide what to buy; however, once in a while, we...

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