When to Write a One Page Resume

Should I write a one page resume? When writing a resume, we are faced with many challenges. One of the questions that people ask themselves more often is should my resume be one or two pages? Unfortunately there is no definitive answer to this question but there are...

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Submitting your Resume, Do’s and Don’ts

Submit your resume in a way that allows you  to stand out from the crowd; it is a second but crucial step towards getting hired. Your Resume is ready. You are ready to go but now you have to find the best way to submit your resume. How to submit the Resume is a...

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5 Signs it’s Time to Change Jobs

When is it time to change jobs? Once the excitement and the novelty of the new position wears off, you have to face the reality of the new duties, responsibilities, schedule, peers and your future. Training, learning new skills and meeting new people gets old quickly...

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