Entrepreneurs have wonderful ideas and dream about starting their own business but, sometimes, to make their dream come true, they need a business plan.

Be it a new business or an expanding business, you are the expert, nobody knows more about the business or the business idea than you do. However, there are some requirements, procedures, rules and financial projections that need to be met when presenting your business plan to a bank, financial institution or investor. Meeting these requirements becomes crucial for your success and this is where our expertise as entrepreneurs, business plan writers and financial projection analysts and creators will benefit you.

Our multidisciplinary team has solid experience in business management, business plan writing, financial projections calculation and analysis. In addition, as successful entrepreneurs and business owners, in different fields, we will contribute with expert advice and insight into your business plan identifying key aspects and variables that will contribute to a successful outcome.

At White Rock Office Services, we first ensure that we understand your business idea and the reasons why you need a business plan. We know this may seem difficult and hard to accomplish but after having written many successful business plans, in different industries, we will walk with you through the process guiding you every step of the way until we reach our goal, writing a successful business plan.

A business plan determines what is required to turn your business dream into a reality.

A business plan is a roadmap key to your trip into the business world.



We are a multidisciplinary professional group of business entrepreneurs with extensive and solid experience assisting other entrepreneurs in creating, launching and developing business ideas. As successful entrepreneurs we have a solid understanding of what entrepreneurs need, what the financial institutions look for in a business plan, and what are their requirements. Our over 15 years of experience as successful business plan writers and our understanding of the bank’s expectations allows us to write successful business plans.

White Rock Office Services offers you an experienced team that will put your business plan together. A business plan should look good, be easy to read and have accurate and realistic projections. We will help you do the numbers, 2-year projections including balance sheets, cash flow and income statements. We will walk you through the whole process, ask you the right questions, get the right information and put it all together for you.

Our Business plan Includes

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Business Description
  3. Market Research
  4. Marketing and Sales Strategies
  5. Management and Team
  6. Operations
  7. COVID-19
  8. Financial Projections
  9. Conclusion

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who requires business plans?
  • Food / Restaurant
  • Tourism
  • Service industry
  • Health and beauty
  • Cannabis
  • Oil and gas
  • Cleaning services
  • Laundry services
  • Spa services
  • Paper and document destruction
  • Business services
  • Immigration – Canadian Business Class Immigration Visa
What are business plans used for?
  • To determine the business viability
  • Secure a loan
  • To determine the investment amount / financial needs
  • To determine the return on investment
  • To determine the products and/or services to offer
  • Attract investors/partners into the business
  • Set and identify objectives, strengths and weaknesses
  • Create a roadmap for growth and/or expansion
  • Know and understand competition
  • Determine your target market
  • Know and understand industry rules and regulations
  • To understand risks and how to mitigate them
What industry business plans have we done?
  • Food
  • Tourism
  • Health and Beauty
  • Daycare
  • Oil and gas
  • Cleaning
  • Laundry
  • Spa
  • Paper shredding
  • Business centre
  • Business services
  • Immigration – Canadian Business Class immigration visa
What if I have a wonderful business idea but don’t understand anything about projections and how to calculate them?

That is our job. To guide you through this process. We have assembled a set of questions that will ensure we gather the information needed to write a successful business plan.

How many years of experience do you have writing business plans?

We have over 15 years of experience writing business plans. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we know first hand what are the needs, problems, worries and difficulties of the new business owner when confronted with the task of writing a business plan.

I just have a business idea, could you recommend any other professionals that can assist me?

Yes, we work with a multidisciplinary team and we can refer you to a commercial lawyer, website developer, immigration lawyer, accountant, bookkeeper, business centre, administrative assistant, Spanish and French translators. I.T. professional, professional photographers, custom broker, writer, resume writer and realtor.

We have developed a robust team to assist you with their expertise.

Are all business plans the same?

Most business plans follow the same guidelines and are intended to meet the same objective, to assess the viability of the project including all of its aspects. Nonetheless, some business plans, depending on what they are going to be used for may emphasize in some areas more than in others.

Do you always use the same format for all business plans?

Years of experience have taught us that even though the content is the most important feature in a business plan, the presentation does carry some weight. A business plan for the health industry will have a different layout than a business plan for the oil and gas industry.

Do all banks require the same information? Formatting? And projections?
No, some banks are different from others regarding their requirements. This also depends on the loan amount you are seeking to secure. We have extensive experience working with different banks and always follow the format and requirements they ask for.