Virtual Office / Business Address

A Virtual Office or Business address can be the most effective marketing tool that an entrepreneur or small business owner has to grow his / her business. Being so simple, the concept gets overlooked by many business owners.

Expanding a territory, opening offices and staffing a satellite office can be one of the most difficult and most expensive endeavours faced by a business owner.  Traveling expenses can pile up in addition to the time spent traveling, scouting a location, hiring people, setting up phone lines and internet connections. Once you, the business owner, have done all of these, you open the door to your business and unfortunately you may have an empty office.

Why do I say that a virtual office can be the most effective marketing tool an entrepreneur or small business owner can have? Well, it is true that a satellite office will give your company a better image. An address in another city or even in another country will give your business lots of credibility. Clients will conclude that you have already expanded and that you are already working that other market when, in reality, you may be just testing the waters.

A virtual office will give you the opportunity to try out that expansion that you have been thinking about for a long time, without going into spending large amounts of cash. A virtual office will give you the opportunity to tap into a new market, research the market and start having a presence without actually having to deploy many resources. Take for example a company that wants to expand to another city; opening a full practice in another city be very expensive, offices, secretaries, furniture, phone, internet and so forth. However, if the company doesn’t advertise like if it was already in town, it may never get any clients. People may be hesitant to have dealing with a company that is not close by. However, if that same company, gets a virtual office, and starts marketing and advertising, it can test how many clients is getting and start growing the client base and making presence with a minimum of expenses. In the future, it may be worth moving from a virtual to a more permanent office but a virtual office is the way to expand at the minimum cost.