Job Seekers are difficult to buy presents for; at least that is what most people think when the holidays start to approach. We start thinking about what to give to those special people in our lives. Sometimes, we easily decide what to buy; however, once in a while, we confront the challenge of buying a present that suits someone’s current situation. Specially the Job Seekers. A present that can help them achieve their goal.

8 Meaningful Gift Ideas:

Haircut: Ask your job seekers friends where they usually get their haircut. Stop by and get a gift card or, even better, prepay a haircut orHaircut for a Job Seeker styling appointment. Looking good at the time of an interview is crucial and will also lift their morale.  Haircuts are usually one of the first expenses people without a job tend to cut to save money. It will feel like such a relief to know that they can book their appointment once they get called for that important interview or meeting and that they will look good.

Interview Appropriate Clothes: Another item that people tend to cut when they find themselves without a job is buying clothes; nevertheless, it is crucial to show up well dressed to an interview. No need to buy a whole outfit, or  expensive clothes. A new shirt or blouse, a nice sweater, or a pair of shoes. Maybe a new purse? A nice tie? Sometimes a small improvement can make a big difference in the overall look and feel of an outfit.

Manicure for the Job Applicant: Hands are definitively going to be out there during an interview. Regardless of the position they are applying for, well-kept hands will give a better impression and a manicure will do the trick.Job Seekers

Membership to an Association: Networking is one of the best waAssociation membership for job seekers ys to find a job. How about giving your job seeking friend a year membership to the professional association of their choice? Even after they have found a job, this will be a much appreciated gift. Trade or professional associations will bring added value to a job applicant or to an employee.

Gift Card from a Bookstore: Buying a book with tips on how to enhance interviewing skills or a book that helps the job seeker update technical skills can be a wonderful and well appreciated gift choice. In addition, for those “empty hours” that seem to drag on forever when someone is out of work, nothing better than reading a book.Book to update technical skills


 ReResume for the job seekerssume: Many people find themselves that their resume needs updating when they start looking for a job. More often than not, people don’t keep their resumes updated. Call around and find a professional place such as White Rock Office  Resume Writing Service where you can pre-pay for a Resume Gift-Card. Most places will do an in-person or over the phone interview consultation before writing the resume. Maybe your job seeking friend just needs a well written cover letter! The job seeker will really benefit from this gift.

Training Course: Ask your unemployed friend if there is any training that he/she are lacking that could help them secure that dream job. Do they have their First Aid up to date? How about their computer skills? Excel? Word? There are webinars and online courses that the job seeker can enroll in in order to increase their chances to secure a job. They may also be missing one small qualification that can give them a competitive advantage over the other applicants.

Gift Card: Sometimes a person that is looking for a job, is just short of the necessary money to make a payment of some sort that will allow them to secure that job. Having those special shoes, purse, suit or dress altered? How about replacing a broken phone case? Paying that monthly cell phone bill?Gift ideas

Any of these very useful gifts may give the job seeker just that little help that they need to start a new path in life. They may be very close to obtaining that dream job, and you can contribute to their success just by being a bit creative.