Crossing the bridge of success with a business planNeed a Business Plan?


White Rock Office Services can offer you an experienced team to put it together for you. A business plan should look good, be easy to read and have accurate and realistic projections. We will help you do the numbers. We will do the 2 year projections: balance sheet, cash flow, income statements. We will walk you through the whole process, ask you the right questions, get the right information and put it all together for you.

Most entrepreneurs have a viable plan and are on the right track; however, when it comes to writing it down on paper, it becomes a daunting experience. Take that off your shoulders, we will do it for you.

You concentrate on the idea and the other multiple things that need to be done and with our proven success, we will take care of the rest!

1 hour consultation is $50.00 which can be applied to your overall business plan cost when you agree to have a business plan expert write up your professional business plan for you!

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