Female translator with global connectionsWhite Rock Office Services offers translations between English and Spanish.


Our translations are made by native speakers giving our clients the best accuracy. Accuracy and grammar will surely give your document the distinctive touch to make it sound as if it had been originally written in Spanish. It is not a matter of just translating words, It is a matter of translating content and never changing the intended original meaning.

The fact that every country or even every region in Spain, as well as Latin America, speaks with a different accent dosen’t mean that there are different types of Spanish. There is only one Spanish that can be spoken, written, and read by all Spanish speaking people. Regional “dialects,” accents and some or many coloquial words have different meanings in different countries; but the “textbook” , “book”, “neutral” Spanish is the same for all countries and regions and can be understood by everyone. When performing a translation, our clients can rest assured that their translated document will be delivered in “textbook”, neutral or “book” Spanish unless otherwise specified by the client. One translation and clients can publish their document across all the Spanish speaking world.

Excellent rating for spanish translationsWe translate:

  • Documents
  • Letters
  • Proposals
  • Instruction Manuals
  • Websites
  • Movie scripts
  • Music lyrics
  • Books
  • Advertising material
  • Anything in English or Spanish written or recorded.