By Nell Taliercio

Virtual Assistant - Vancouver Sun PhotoVirtual assistants are a fairly new concept in the business world. Virtual assistants provide administrative support for their clients without having to be located in the client’s office.

A virtual assistant’s job can include any number of administrative and personal support tasks including bookkeeping, scheduling, word processing, data entry, and research, just to name a few. A virtual assistant performs any number of tasks based on the needs of the client. Clients come from numerous sectors of the business community. A virtual assistant can work for small business owners, individuals needing assistance with personal projects, or large corporations.

Any business can benefit from the services of a virtual assistant and the demand for them grows each day.

A virtual assistant works from his/her own office and can help clients with administrative tasks, which can include desktop publishing, web site maintenance, search engine placement, and word processing. Each virtual assistant will have their own areas of expertise and will use these skills to benefit clients.

Growing technology and the wide spread use of the internet have made virtual assistants a very practical means for employers to accomplish routine or specialized tasks without having to hire on-site employees. A virtual assistant can perform tasks such as event planning, making travel arrangements, scheduling for corporate conventions, and any other job that is within their range of skills.

Virtual assistants can be paid by the hour or per job and may even receive a monthly retainer from clients who require large amounts of work. Payment can be made online through credit cards or Paypal, and some virtual assistants may allow regular clients to pay with a company check that is sent through the mail.

Each virtual assistant will decide what tasks they are comfortable in taking on and will make arrangements for payment in the manner they feel is appropriate for that particular client. The demand for virtual assistants increases constantly as business owners have seen the convenience and range of services that are provided. A virtual assistant can take on as many clients as they can reasonably accommodate. An excellent reputation and quality work will no doubt lead to many new clients.

Virtual assistants can either work independently or as part of a specialty virtual assistant organization. Virtual assistants who provide consistent, top quality work for their clients can expect to have no shortage of work and the pay is quite good considering the majority of jobs can be completed online in the virtual assistant’s own home. Becoming a virtual assistant can be a wonderful career move for those who are motivated professionals.

A virtual assistant can even provide services such as wedding planning, invitations, hotel reservations, and EBay assistant. The possibilities are basically endless depending on your comfort level and particular skills. A virtual assistant can be an economical addition to any size business and a great career for talented, self-disciplined individuals.

Author: Nell Taliercio
Photo: Vancouver Sun