To make it easier for our clients, we charge by the Banker box.
10″ X 12″ X 15″ sized box

You are not required to bring the paper in a banker box. We use a banker box as a measure of the amount of paper. If you have your paper in a garbage bag no need to find a banker box. A regular-sized garbage bag will usually hold 2, maximum 3 banker boxes worth of paper.

Drop off at our South Surrey Location –

  • $20.00 per box
  • 10 to 14 boxes $16.00 per box
  • 15 boxes and up to $14.00 per box


Pickup at your location $20 per box  (click here to order this service)
(Minimum 10 boxes, no quantity discount)

Paper Shredding (Drop Off)


(volume discounts applied in cart)