Many entrepreneurs start their businesses from the comforts of their own. It is attractive to do so because it’s the most cost-effective, or is it? Registering your business with your home address can be risky. We will discuss those risks and how a virtual office space can solve those for you.

Risks of Home-Based Businesses

Home-based businesses can still be home-based while you work elsewhere. You may be attracted to the simplicity that working from home offers. There are no expensive office leases, and you may save on fuel and commuting expenses. However, you may be putting your home and family at risk by running your business from home.

Public Information

All businesses are registered publicly. If you are using your home as your legal business address, then your home address is listed for the public to see. While this may be information that is easily obtained in the Yellowpages in general, you don’t want a disgruntled customer or client to know where you sleep at night. 

A virtual office insulates you from this risk. Virtual offices come with many perks. A professional business address is one of them. With a virtual office, you can still run your home-based business from the comfort of your home without the risk of anyone knowing that’s where you have your operations. 

Liability Risk

A home-based business can increase your risk for liability, especially if you meet with clients in person. If a client has an accident on your premises, not only can your business be held responsible, but your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance will also be responsible. 

Some insurance policies restrict home-based businesses. Therefore you could risk losing your coverage if you violate that.  

With a virtual office, you’ll have access to rent office space as needed. You won’t have to meet with clients at your home. You can meet with them in a professional office environment that’s secure and private. 

Information Security

The Benefits of a Virtual Office

A virtual office is an agreement with a business center that gives freelancers, home-based business owners, and remote workers access to business perks they would get if they had an office space. Not only does a virtual office give you a professional business address to register your business under, but there are a few other perks. 

Hourly Office Renting

Although a virtual office doesn’t give you physical space as part of the virtual office agreement, you can rent a physical office as needed by the hour. The flexibility of hourly office renting gives you more time to work on your business from anywhere. You can do so when you need to meet with clients without having them visit your home. 

You can rent offices by the hour or board rooms for meetings or classes. This is the best way to offer privacy to your family by not having meetings with other employees or business partners in your home. 

Business Office Services

Virtual office agreements include access to office building amenities. These include receptionist service, mail service, internet access, and use of office equipment and supplies. 

Customers will be impressed by the professional image a virtual office solution provides for your business. When you meet with them in a rented office space, they will experience a higher level of professionalism. 

Protect Your Privacy with a Virtual Office

Registering your business with your home address is risky. It also removes your family’s privacy. Prevent this with a virtual office agreement. We have a great business center in Surrey for you to choose from. Continue working from the comfort of your home without the added risk. A virtual office will give you this security. 

Contact us to get started if you need a virtual office in Surrey. Secure your privacy now.