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Our Professional Resume Writing = Success 

Our experienced resume writers have created over 2500 successful resumes targeting hundreds of industries and positions

We will make sure you stand out from the crowd!

We understand that this resume is crucial for you and your future.

Our experienced team writes resumes that match the qualifications required to secure your dream job.

Our resume writers understand the importance that industry/position-specific keywords play in your resume’s success.

Résumé writing requires expertise, solid knowledge of ATS (Applicant Tracking System software) applications as well as excellent writing skills. You will find that the White Rock Office Services resume writing team meets all of these conditions.

The skilled-based resumes created by White Rock Office Services résumé writers are customized to meet the requirements of each job posting including a skilled-based and a chronological section to better represent your abilities, skills and expertise increasing your chances of success

Our experienced resume writers also have extensive experience writing career change resumes.

If you chose a package that includes a personalized phone consultation, our résumé writer will contact you to go over your skills, experience and touch on essential issues to determine the best approach to take when writing your resume.

Choose a package and e-mail us your old resume and/or fill out our consultation form. (Press submit at the end) to get started. 

Our accredited Résumé Writers write resumes that open the door for interviews


Additionally, We Create Professional LinkedIn Profiles and cover letters

And we offer Interactive Interview Training!


Why Does Our Resume Writing Service Stand Out From The Crowd?

 We write successful resumes including Executive Level, Management, Professional, Technical, Entry Level, New Immigrant, Career Change and Student resumes.


Why are we Rated as Canada’s Best Resume Writing Service?

  • Proven keyword optimization strategies
  • We craft each resume to represent achievements and highlight skills
  • Follow effective guidelines and resume writing procedures
  • Our resumes spark interest increasing the chances of getting called for an interview
  • Take the pressure of resume writing off your shoulders


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps to get my resume created?

There are 5 easy steps to get your resume created

  1. e-mail or call us at 604.531.9205 to get started in creating your professional resume 
  2. Determine which résumé package suits your needs
  3. Gather as much information as you can: past jobs (company name, position, dates worked), old resume & cover letter, certificates/awards, name & number of 1-3 references, a link to the job posting
  4. e-mail us your old resume and/or fill out our consultation form. Press submit at the end
  5. If you require a consultation, we will set up a time to discuss your resume with you
What is ATS and why is it important?

Employers receive thousands of resumes and reading through all is a daunting task.  To select the most relevant resumes, employers use ATS software (Industry-specific Applicant Tracking System software) to filter resumes based on keywords relevant to the position offered. Our experienced Resume writers, have extensive experience with ATS software and fully understand the relevance of ensuring your resume has industry/position-specific keywords that will maximize the chances of your resume being selected for an interview.

When will I get my resume?

3 to 5 business days after we receive your resume form and process payment, you will get your first draft (Need it sooner? Let us know, rush service available)

How many updates can I do to my draft resume?
  • Updates are unlimited within the time frame of the package purchased
  • Within the selected business days carefully review the draft, and e-mail us back changes or updates
  • We will continue to work on your resume and cover letter until you are satisfied
Why a Linkedin profile?

Many employers will read your résumé and then proceed to search your name on Linkedin. Linkedin complements your résumé, besides, Linkedin allows you to join industry-specific groups, get job offers, search for job offers, and expand on certain areas that can only be touched on in the résumé.

How long does it take to receive my resume updates?
Changes and updates are done within a 24-hour time frame during weekdays
In what formats will I receive my resume?
  • Final copies are e-mailed in Microsoft Word and/or PDF
  • A hard copy is available to be picked up at the reception
I have a Mac. Usually, Word documents lose the formatting when I open them. What do you recommend?

Please request your draft be sent in a PDF file, so the original format is not lost when opened on your computer

What if I need updates to my resume in the future?

We will update your resume per your request. Additional fees apply. From $6 to $65 depending on the updates requested

For how long can I use this resume?
We recommend that around every 8 – 10 years you get a new resume
If my computer crashes how would I recuperate my resume?
You don’t have to worry about this. All resumes are saved in our secured cloud/server for future updates
What if I need to submit my résumé before 3 to 5 business days
Our resume writing service acknowledges that sometimes opportunities arise without notice. We can write your resume in less time; however, there is a rush fee that applies to our rushed resume writing service
How can I pay for my resume?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Visa-debit, e-transfers or cash payments. No Debit cards are accepted at this time. Payment must be processed before we start the resume preparation process.