You’re not alone if you’ve ever wondered where to begin with setting up a virtual office space. Getting virtual office space is easy. Let’s walk through what you should consider getting your office space set up in Surrey. 

Virtual office spaces make operating businesses easy and efficient. They give you the flexibility of mobility and the image of professionalism. Virtual spaces allow you to have a business address and access to office building amenities such as mail service, fax, and copy machines. Even though it’s virtual, if you ever need a physical office space for a day or three, you can reserve one. Finalize your office set up with these steps:

  1. Find the Right Location
  2. Set up a Tour
  3. Review Contract Terms
  4. Update Your Contacts
  5. Get to Work


The Right Building to Host Your Virtual Office

You may wonder why would it matter where the location is if your office is virtual. Picking the right location is important because your business address will be that of the office building hosting your virtual office agreement. Consider your business needs. Your business address should serve your client base.  

Even if you have an eCommerce business that services clients everywhere, having a location that you can visit physically as you need their services is ideal. 

Tour the Facility

Your virtual office agreement will come with amenities to use the office building facilities. Once you’ve found the location you would like to use, set up a meeting to tour the facility and be introduced to the amenities they offer. Review how you would retrieve packages that are delivered there to you. Also, ask to be shown around to various offices and conference rooms that you may get access to if you need them.

Make an Agreement

Review terms that the facility gives you and ensure everything discussed during your tour is included. Your contract may address any lease commitments and the duration. Ensure they fit within your budget and your needs for a virtual office over time. 

The benefit of virtual space is the flexibility to have the agreement for as long or as short as you need it. Another thing to look for in your agreement is how you get building access since you have a virtual office agreement. Determine what spaces are considered “common spaces” and others that you may have to put in a rservatioan and pay an additional fee for. 

Tell Everyone Your New Address

Now that you have your virtual office agreement in place, it’s time to update your clients. Update your websites, social media pages, and business cards to show your new business address. If your business gets mail or you have vendors that you work with regularly, ensure to contact them with your new business address. 

Get to Work

Get ready for your business to grow. Now you can plan how you will use the virtual office as part of your business planning. Review your calendar and consider any meetings you have planned or meetings you will plan. If your virtual office plan requires you to reserve space should you need a physical room or office, it’s best to know the dates for these and reserve them ahead of time. 

Another thing to consider is if you will now set office hours where you receive clients. Having access to an office building through your virtual office contract allows you to determine days out of the month that you expect to be in the office building physically. If you are now able to set in-person office hours, be sure to update your clients on your new office hours as well. 


Find the Perfect Virtual Office Solution in Surrey

Don’t wait any longer to get a virtual office to support your business. Our facility has all the amenities you’ll need from mail service to a receptionist to greet you and your clients during physical visits. Learn more about the virtual office solutions we have for you.