Submit your Resume

Submit your Resume in person

Submit your resume in a way that allows you  to stand out from the crowd; it is a second but crucial step towards getting hired. Your Resume is ready. You are ready to go but now you have to find the best way to submit your resume. How to submit the Resume is a question that most people ask themselves. We used to walk into a business and hand in our resume. If we were lucky, we would be able to talk to the “future boss” or person doing the hiring; and if we were really lucky, we may get a chance for an interview on the spot or even hired on the spot.

Nowadays, computers have change the way in which you  have to submit your resumes. Most likely, you don’t know the person that is hiring, or maybe you don’t know anyone in the company either. It makes a big difference and you can’t afford to do anything wrong when you are submitting your resume . The amount of people applying to the same job has increased considerably; competition is much harder today than it used to be just a decade ago and you don’t want your resume to get lost in the middle of a big pile of resumes.

Submit your Resume  in the Best Way Possible

I still think that the best way to submit a resume is to try, as much as possible, to hand it in in person. Find out where the company is located, take the time to research it and go the extra mile and drop it in person. If you are able to talk to someone, this may cause a good impression and who knows maybe it will make the difference between getting hired or continuing to look for a job.

Hand in your resume in person

You may get an interview on the spot

However, this is not always possible and you may have to follow the instructions posted. My advice from many years of experience writing resumes and coaching people on how to get a job, I can’t stress this enough, READ THE INSTRUCTIONS IN THE JOB POSTING AND FOLLOW THEM!

Two Instructions That You Must Follow

Sometimes, we don’t understand the reason behind but the company may have a very good reason, at least for them, to have candidates apply a certain way. If you read the job posting carefully and you follow the instructions 3 things will happen for sure: #1 You will be certain that your resume was received and most likely read #2 Your prospective employer will get a good impression and will know that you can follow instructions #3 You will beat those people that didn’t follow the instructions; At least, you will know for sure that you are ahead of some people trying to apply for the same job.

Part of submitting your resume, is submitting it in the right format. Are they asking for a PDF or a Word format? or any other type of format? Make sure you e-mail or upload it in the required format. Again, there may be a very good reason why they are posting this requirement. If you are not familiar with the format they require or if you don’t have the software required, research it on the internet, have a Virtual Assistant do it for you, call us at White Rock Office Services, we will be delighted to help you.

Keep a copy of the resume.  If you have done your resume properly, you should have customized your resume to meet the qualifications specified in the job posting. Keep a copy! The last thing you want is to get a call for an interview and not remembering what you resume says.

Submit your resume in person if you can, this is the best way , or submit it by fax, e-mail, or uploading it to the company’s site; Just make sure you always follow the instructions they give you.