Workers across the world are working remotely from home without having much time to prepare because of the Coronavirus. If you are new at working from home, this transition can take its toll on you. however, these 8 tips from the experts, that have worked from home for quite some time, will help you stay focus, be productive and survive this crisis.

Working Remotely from Home? 8 Useful Tips to Succeed

1. Set a Schedule and Stick to It

This may be the single most important consideration to succeed when working remoStick to a schedule if working remotely tely. Set a schedule and stick to it. You may have to work around your kids schedule or take a break when they are back from school.  Go back to work once they have settle in for the night. Explain to your family why and for how long you are going to be working from home.  Whatever schedule you determine works for you, stick to it like if you were at work.Remember you are at work!


2. Get Ready for Work

Get up, take a shower, get dress, have breakfast and follow a Getting dress morning routine. This routine is going to help you be productive and will give you the sense that you are at work and will also give you a sense of accomplishment when you turn off the computer and “finish for the day”.



3. Set a Specific Place to Work Home office with desk

Do you already have a home office? This could be the perfect place to work now that you have to work remotely; however, if this is not the case, find a place that you can turn into your workplace, a comfortable chair, good lighting is a must and organize your  office supplies if you need them.


4. Turn Off Distractions and Set Rules

Child playing video games After you find a quiet and comfortable place to work, make sure that you “turn off distractions”, TV, personal and family calls, Facebook, Whats-app, etc. You may want to allot sometime for these distractions but remember to follow your schedule. Leaving a message for incoming calls letting people know that you are working from home but that you will return the call when appropriate, maybe a good idea.


5. If you “Leave the Office” Really “Leave the Office”

Even if you are confined to your house, in the same way in which

you should “turn off distractions” during your work time, make sure you “Leave the Office” when your schedule tells you to.  This will allow you to have time with your family, relax and be more productive.  Do not check emails or your work phone if you usually don’t do it, or at not required to do so when you are at home.

6. Take Regular Breaks

Take breaks when working remotely Take breaks just as you do when you are at work. Go to the bathroom, stretch, walk around a bit, prepare yourself a cup of tea or coffee but remember not to engage in any other activity that is not work related at this time. Stick to your schedule.




7. Good Internet Connection

to work remotely you need a good internet connection

Having a good internet connection is crucial to succeed at working remotely. If your home internet doesn’t have the speed required to work from home, ask your organization if they would help with this expense.



8. Keep in Touch With Your Co-Workers

Do not isolate yourself. Talk to your co-workers, find out how they are doing and share your feelings and experiences with them. They are the only ones that are going through the same experience and will be able to understand what you are going through. They will become your support group.

man keeping in touch with coworkers when working remotely

This situation is temporary, the more you prepare yourself the better for your physical and mental health. In addition, being productive while at home, will give you a feeling of accomplishment and will make going back to work at the office easier.