Should I write a one page resume? When writing a resume, we are faced with many challenges. One of the questions that people ask themselves more often is should my resume be one or two pages? Unfortunately there is no definitive answer to this question but there are some guidelines that may help select the most appropriate number of pages. Not necessarily writing a long resume is going to secure you a position; on the contrary if there is not enough substance in your resume, if your resume has too many blank spaces and if the information doesn’t catch the readers interest in the first 6 seconds, too long of a resume can work against your rather that for you.

When to write a one page resume

When should I write a one page resume?

5 situations in which you should write a one page resume

#1. Not a lot of work experience:

If you just graduated from high school, college or you are applying for an entry-level position and you don’t have a lot of work experience, go for a one page resume.

#2. A Career Change:

If you are changing careers is better to write a one page resume where you can highlight the transferable skills. Skills that are relevant and will be useful in the new career, leaving out information that is not relevant.

#3. You Want To Highlight Something Specific:

There may be a specific project, accomplishment, skill, place of employment or educational institution that you know will most likely get you the job and you want to highlight it. If this information is so relevant that you don’t want it lost in 2 pages go for a one page resume.

#4. If You Can Express Your Worth in One Page:

Try several formats and if you find that you can convey everything you are bringing to the table in just one page, it is always better to go for one page than for two.

#5. The Job Posting Requests a One Page Resume:

This may sound as a no-brainer but recruiters are always commenting on how many people don’t follow the instructions posted. Read the job posting carefully and PLEASE FOLLOW the instructions. There is usually a very good reason why a company may post this requirement and overlooking it would only show that you don’t follow instructions. Not a good first impression. Most likely you won’t be called for an interview.

A one page resume can be very effective and land a dream job if used appropriately and under the right circumstances. When writing a resume, think about the person that is going to be reading it. Are they getting all the information? Is it to the point? Would you be interested in the candidate that is presenting you with that resume?

Chose a one page resume over a two page resume whenever you can convey all the information in one page


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