A Virtual Office Should be a Part of Your Market Expansion Strategy

A virtual office could be the first step toward expanding into a new market. A virtual office allows you to have a presence in the market without making a long-term lease commitment. A big perk of a virtual office is the physical office address that comes with the office rental.

What is a Virtual Office?

A virtual office is an office space offered by business centers for businesses and entrepreneurs who do not need physical office space. Virtual office spaces are cost-effective ways companies can test products and services in new markets. They come with additional benefits such as:

  • Dedicated Desk
  • Business Address
  • Mail Forwarding
  • Phone Number
  • Meeting Rooms

Business Address

Your virtual office comes with a business address. Your business name is listed in the business center’s directory. You can use the business address as the legal address for your business and include it on your marketing materials, applications, and taxes.

Mail Forwarding Service

Virtual office rentals include mail and package services. Your mail will be received, sorted, and scanned for you. Packages will be safely received and stored for you to pick them up. You can also have mail forwarded to another address daily, weekly, or monthly.

Meeting Rooms

A virtual office plan includes access to meeting rooms, offices, and board rooms. This gives businesses the flexibility to reserve a physical office as needed. Meeting rooms are great for monthly employee meetings, meetings with clients, or for conducting pop-up shops.

Why You Need a Virtual Office as the First Step in a New Market

After testing your new market through market research, set up a physical presence with an affordable virtual office in Surrey. There are several benefits to this step.

Local Presence and Credibility

A virtual office gives you an instant presence in a new market. Service the Surrey population with a professional business address in Surrey. Your current employees will continue to manage other locations you already have without the need to move.


Don’t wait to start in a new market. A new market test using a virtual office gives you a headstart on growing your customer base in Surrey. You can start developing a team to support your new market.


Virtual office solutions save you money. There are no long-term contracts to break, which could cost money over time if a market test does not go well. There are no utility expenses to keep with a virtual office. It is the most affordable way to test a new market.

How to Use a Virtual Office to Test a New Market

You may have an office address in one city and want to expand into a new one. A virtual office is the first step to growing in a new market after market research. After you have obtained a virtual office plan, start planning a soft launch in the new market.

  1. Secure a virtual office address.
  2. Tour the virtual office location.
  3. Add an announcement to your website and social media pages about the new market.
  4. Reserve a meeting room through your virtual office plan
  5. Set up a pop-up shop or similar launch event.

You may not plan to have a launch, but a virtual office can still be a beneficial part of your expansion. The physical address allows you to register business licensing in Surrey. You can also use the many offices available whenever you are physically in Surrey to conduct business.

Virtual Office Services in Surrey

Are you ready to move into the Surrey market? A virtual office is a way to do it. Get a new business address in Surrey and benefit from the amenities of our business center. The setup is simple. Contact us to set up your virtual office.